Falcon II has been used for a number of private hire activities, including filming and survey work, and more recently as a platform to fly drones for photography and aid survey work

Surveying Work

Pictures courtesy of the Maritime Archaeology Trust

Members of the Maritime Archaeology Trust (MAT) spent a week with us during the summer of 2016 as part of their project "Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War" - click here to link to MAT.  Surveying activity took place both above and below water with some amazing results, and included successful launch of a drone for aerial photography. 


Say goodbye to your loved ones in a peaceful and tranquil setting




An  ash scattering at sea can help to bring closure to the loss of a loved one, a sense of finality and yet a sense of a new beginning.  Falcon offers a platform on which to say goodbye at sea in a tranquil and beautiful setting.



Falcon offers an ideal platform for filming and we have been used several times for BBC and Channel 4 Productions, including Coast.