Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland

September 2020

Want to dive the classic wrecks off Malin Head? We are running another Malin Head Technical Diving Week from 12th – 18th September 2020.  The expedition includes 7 days diving with Mevagh Dive Centre, on their 11m catamaran, the MV Laura Dean. The seabed off the Donegal coast is primarily rock and shale which allows for visibility of up to 40m, and represents some of the clearest waters on the planet.  Diving will include the classic Donegal wrecks in depths of 40 – 70m.

Accommodation is on a B&B basis located at Mevagh Dive Centre. The cost per room is c44 Euros per person per night, payable direct to Mevagh Dive Centre on checking out. Rooms are light, airy and spacious and are on a twin (or triple) sharing basis. Travel from the UK is by ferry from Liverpool or Cairnryan (Stranraer) to Belfast or Larne and the transfer to Donegal is around 2 hours from either port.

Some of what Malin has to offer

HMS Audacious.jpg

HMS Audacious (64m): built in 1913 HMS Audacious is a king George V class super-dreadnought battleship which grossed 23,000 tonnes and dimensions of 182 x 27 x 8m.  The vessel didn’t see any action in WW1 but sunk in 1914 after striking a mine while on a gunnery exercise.


SS Empire Heritage (66m): built in 1930 the SS Empire Heritage grossed 15,702 tonnes and measured 508 x 72 x 50m.  Heading for Liverpool from New York with a cargo of oil, Sherman tanks and half tracks, she was torpedoed with 113 lives lost.  She now rests on her starboard side 20 miles North West of Malin Head.

Video of the U-89 September 2019


RMS Justicia (72m): Launched in 1914 the RMS Justicia was a British troopship that grossed 32,234 tonnes and measured 225 x 26 x 13. Heading to New York from Liverpool she was torpedoed several times and sank losing 16 of the 600 strong crew. This is a massive wreck with large boilers and 3 huge propellers on view. She now rests on her port side 16 miles North West of Innistrahull.


Video of the Empire Heritage September 2019


The U-89 (62m) was one of 329 submarines serving in the Imperial German Navy in WW1. On the 12 February 1918 she was rammed by HMS Roxburgh off Malin Head and sank losing all 43 souls.

Kitting Up Area.jpg

Diving is from the MV Laura Dean, an 11m catamaran. She is the perfect vessel offering fantastic space and comfort plus the convenience of a divers lift. There is ample kitting up areas for all your technical kit, stages, cameras & scooters, with a large cabin, on board micro-wave and even a George Forman for those lunchtime toasties.


Excited about Malin?


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